Wednesday, July 5, 2006


I began blogging in 2007 to document my green changes.  I tried just about everything eco and then I up and left my little blog to start a collaborative blog, The Green Phone Booth.  I eventually took a six month break from all blogging but the truth is, I cannot escape the writer in me.

I came back to where it all began but I came back a different person than when I started.  I was no longer starting a green journey.  I was finishing one.  I had come to terms with the ways in which I would live in an environmentally friendly manner and the ways in which I would not.  I would grow my own food, shop local, reuse as much as possible.  I wouldn't bring my own containers to a restaurant for take out.  I would drive my kids too much to too many lessons and I would give up line-drying, for the time being.  It is just who I am - 

An urban homesteader, locavore, green mom, avid gardener, animal rescuer, and one bad mother clucker.  Thank you for visting.


Tamara Wallace Ramirez said...

Hi, Green Bean! My name is Tamara. I’m new to your blog (and new to doing some blogging myself) but have a long-time interest in environmental issues. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how the internet - especially blogs - can be a place for telling personal stories that are also forms of environmental activism. I was hoping I could draw on your expertise in this area for a post that I’m working on for my blog. If it’s ok, I’d love to (virtually) talk with you a bit about your experience with creating and posting to this blog and then share our conversation through a link on my blog at I’m hoping to gather some insights about what it means to share personal stories with an activist dimension online from people who have more expertise in this area than I do. I just started blogging recently for a Visual Research Methods class I’m taking, (I’m a graduate student in Cultural Studies) and I chose to pursue my interest in this topic as part of a project for this class.

One of the things that really interests me about your blog is that it is both personal, because it’s about your own life and own experiences, and political, because its a discussion about green living. In your "About Me" section, you mentioned your decision to start it up as a personal experiment - a way to investigate and shape your own ideas about certain environmental issues? I'd love to hear more about how writing about your experiences helped you come to the decisions you did about what aspects of "green living" you wanted to embrace and which you chose to let go.

I also wanted to ask you about the audience for your blog. When you post, who is it you primarily write for? Is it people you know off-line, or is it mainly for an online community? Is there a particular activist community that you’ve communicated with through your blog you mentioned Green Phone Booth? How does their feedback shape your experience with the blog? How does the blog form (short posts, links, pictures) shape your decisions about what to include on the blog?

Finally, what do most appreciate about the experience of blogging, personally? What influence that you hope your blog will have on others?

Thanks very much for the work you do on your blog and for considering this invitation to share your perspective on these questions. Any thoughts you have would be very greatly appreciated!

All the best,
Tamara Ramirez

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