Wednesday, July 5, 2006


I began blogging in 2007 to document my green changes.  I tried just about everything eco and then I up and left my little blog to start a collaborative blog, The Green Phone Booth.  I eventually took a six month break from all blogging but the truth is, I cannot escape the writer in me.

I came back to where it all began but I came back a different person than when I started.  I was no longer starting a green journey.  I was finishing one.  I had come to terms with the ways in which I would live in an environmentally friendly manner and the ways in which I would not.  I would grow my own food, shop local, reuse as much as possible.  I wouldn't bring my own containers to a restaurant for take out.  I would drive my kids too much to too many lessons and I would give up line-drying, for the time being.  It is just who I am - 

An urban homesteader, locavore, green mom, charter school volunteer, avid knitter, animal rescuer, and one bad mother clucker.  Thank you for visting.

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