Sunday, August 5, 2007

Adventures in Local Eating

I'm trying to eat more sustainably these days. I've rediscovered the farmer's market, am following One Local Summer ( and am finishing up Plenty by the founders of the 100 Mile Diet. By the way, it's a fascinating read but also pretty instructional - use what you have, improvise, make do.

So I sent the hubby and kids out for pickling salt (I'm making pickles tonight!) and set about cooking a (mostly) local meal for our farmer's market finds. I decided to make potato frittata - a new recipe - and bravely began soaking my potatoes, coating my olive oil, folding in the eggs. I was missing certain ingredients and added some others (local cheese for the farmer's market - yum!) Well, wouldn't you know it.

I burnt the heck out of the frittata. My boys came home to a house filled with smoke. We opened all the windows and doors and turned on all the fans (so much for saving electricity). The old me would have tossed everything out and whisked the kids to Baja Fresh or thawed out some frozen dinner. That was the me who had not spent the last week reading about the 100 mile diet and who had not started this blog. I was determined.

Despite the unseasonably cool weather (ahh, the Bay Area in August) and to escape the smoke, we decided to picnic in our backyard. I flipped over the toasted frittata and cut off the blackened crust. We enjoyed the frittata (though it did taste as if it had been smoked), watermelon and strawberries and watched a squirrel scamper across the back fence. Just as we finished, my oldest turned to me and said "Mom, what a great idea to have a picnic. I loved the frittata."

There you have it. Adventures in local eating sure beat dinner at a fast food joint.

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