Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Farmer's Market Fun

Today was our bi-weekly farmer's market and I picked up some yummy fresh food! Golden raspberries which I've already turned into jam (though it's only my second forray into jam making and I had to fiddle with the recipe so I'm not sure it set. It does taste great though!). Corn on the cob - picked today. New varieties of apples are starting to show up and blueberries are winding down - I thought I'd make jam with the latter tonight.

Going to the farmer's market this morning got me thinking. I just finished The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. In one of the chapters regarding family farms (the non-barcode people), Pollan states something to the effect that everyone who buys directly from that farm is making a political statement - opting out as it were. He is right. I started going to the farmer's market as a statement to the powers that be that I want fresh food, locally grown; that I want a sustainable lifestyle, and so on. Looking at the bumper stickers of the other cars in the parking lot, I'm obviously not alone.

But the food from the farmer's market is much more than a political statement. It is making jam like my mother. It is eating fresher, better tasting food. It is losing 4 pounds in a month without even trying. It is my kids trying new kids of vegetables and pronouncing "Green beans are yummy, mommy. I do like them." Or my oldest, pickiest son begging for fresh strawberries this morning. Now that is truly sweet.

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