Friday, August 24, 2007


I have a number of blogs that I check daily and one is the Sierra Club's The Green Life site. Today's post reminded us the importance of reducing in addition to recycling and re-using. I have to say that in the past, reducing has been very difficult for me. I love to shop or at least I loved to shop.

A couple months ago, in an effort to drive less, I stopped buying all of my necessities at Target and instead started walking to my local drug store. Sure, it costs a little bit more for the cat food and tape but I saved money by not being tempted to buy all the other junk that I do on a trip to Target. Just by making that small change, I have mostly stopped buying new stuff. In fact, I had to go to Target last week for something that I couldn't find closer to home. I didn't even have a urge to impulse buy! In fact, I looked at all the folks shopping there with overflowing baskets of stuff they probably didn't need and felt a sense of relief.

I still enjoy the occasional treasure and indulge myself - when it is something we need or can really use - at the local Thrift Center where I've found deals galore. :)

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