Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Hate Cheap Plastic Crap!

So, this afternoon, a five minute check up at the dentist for my oldest ended up with both kids wallowing in the dentist's plastic toy bin sifting through brightly colored, inexpensively made bits of plastic for just the right piece of junk to take home (I've yet to come up with the courage to pull the kiddos out of there crying for a toy with all the dental assistants and other parents looking on). Anyway, my youngest (it wasn't even his appointment!) picked some blue car with the ubiquitous MADE IN CHINA sticker on the back. I loaded both kids in the car where they cooed over their treasures and talked back and forth about them. Before we had even hit the freeway, the little guy starts crying that his car is broken.

Sure 'nough! That darn piece of junk broke in under 5 minutes. Being made of cheap plastic, most likely laden with lead or some other undesirable material, it cannot be fixed and now only deserves a place in a landfill somewhere. When will we learn! Just because the dollar price is cheap, the environmental one is not. That little piece of #@%*( cost a lot of oil to make, likely exposed its underpaid maker to unhealthy chemicals, sucked up more oil (and trees in the form of boxes) on the way to the beautiful state of California and, after providing a mere few minutes of amusement, must now by tossed in the garbage. That's it! I resolve to force the kids out of that office (and any other place offering such junk) without a toy next time.

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Green Resolutions said...

I wish I'd read this before I took Tyler for his haircut last week. He had the toy in his hand before I realized what was going on. I'll be prepared to decline next time!

I thought it would be interesting to see where you began your journey and how far you've come in a year, so I'm browsing the archives :)


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