Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No One Said You Can't Have Style

Check out my new wheels! Now I can get around town carbon free (I've been walking but this is much quicker!) and look cute as I do it. My son's entire preschool class came out to see my new bike when we biked to his school today - that's some good green PR too. :)

Best yet, my husband bought this puppy used off of Cragislist so no carbon emissions were generated on our behalf in making the bike or bringing it to our golden state. I think it is very important to create a market for used goods so people don't huck their stuff in the trash and its a great way to get some cool stuff for really cheap.

And yes, that is my lovely sheet mulch and cover crops in the back ground. Everything is coming along nicely and teeming with life - unlike the lawn on the other side. But that is the subject of another project and another post.
Gotta go burn, um, rubber, I think it is.


Burbanmom said...

Sweet Ride, Green Bean!

Charles said...

What a fantastic score. That bike looks like it's in pristine condition. Enjoy the new set of wheels.

CindyW said...

Oh, what a beauty. I am envious. I have always wanted a bike like that - one that I can ride with my spring dress on :) Nice find!


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