Monday, December 10, 2007

And The Wise Men Brought Three Gifts

And so will I. Let's face it, my kids will get oodles of stuff from family - too much stuff really - so there's no reason Mom and Dad (aka Santa) need to give more than three. This doesn't include the stockings.

The book Raising Kids Who Will Make a Difference by Susan V. Vogt is a pretty good skim. It might be a worthwhile read if you have older kids. It's section on Christmas, though, is definitely worth a read. In it, Ms. Vogt advocates giving children three gifts: one "heart's desire", one "to grow on" and one article of clothing. Depending on which stage the kids are at, those three categories may merge. My close friend, Catherine, has always stuck with the three present rule: one indoor toy, one outdoor toy and one "to grow on" (e.g., art supplies, book).

So three seems to be the magic number. If it was good enough for baby Jesus, well, you get the picture.

My boys will be getting three gifts each this year:

Big Bean:
heart's desire - a keyboard
one to grow on - Peter and the Wolf book and CD
one article of clothing - a cozy sweater

Little Bean:
heart's desire - train the goes 'round the Christmas tree
one to grow on - a book about vehicles
one article of clothing - a fleece Thomas sweatshirt

So this Christmas, we'll open a few well-thought out gifts and spend the rest of the day enjoying each other instead of opening gifts for hours and dragging piles of once-used wrapping paper out to the trash.


Burbanmom said...

WOW! You are awesome! I wish hubby supported my kooky ideas enough to let me do this too! :-) Imagine how much they're going to TREASURE the heart's desire gift!

I have definitely cut down on quantity this year, opting for quality instead. I'm hoping that every year I'll be able to inch the number of gifts down until I get to a more reasonable amount.

Green Bean said...

I know what you mean. Family is still giving too many gifts this year but it's far fewer than years past so I figure we'll just keep whittling away. :)


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