Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'll Have a Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas

Ahhh, nothing says Christmas like the blue glow of the single strand of LED lights decorating our home this year. Beyond the LED strand, our only other holiday-specific electricity use this year is the energy guzzling lights plastering our fake tree. Okay, this does not sound green but, in all fairness, I bought the tree before I went "green" and nothing is greener than using what you already have. Just ask Burbanmom. In addition, we're only turning the tree lights on for a couple of hours a few nights a week.

A non-electric Christmas can still be pretty merry.

Instead of lights, I decorated our mantel with little icicles cut from paper. Pretty festive, no? We're using the stockings I made a few years back from felt, yarn and buttons. Bet you didn't know I was so crafty! My oldest son's stocking is not pictured because he was horrified that it featured a car rather than a musical instrument - who knew! I'm busily remedying that problem with leftover felt and thread.

As to the rest of the mantel, I've collected these snowmen for years, adding a new one every year. This year, in a nod to the compact, I'm not adding to my collection.

The advent calendar is also leftover from my spend-happy days. This year, however, we are foregoing the cheap plastic toys that once filled it. Every day, my boys will open a door to receive a note from mom and dad promising an extra book at bedtime or a special holiday outing, a coin (real or chocolate), a car from a Thomas Christmas train that we've had for several years, or stickers leftover from Christmases past.


Melinda said...

What a great idea for the advent calendar! And the icicles are beautiful. Did you use a pattern?

Green Bean said...

Thanks Melinda! No, I just eye-balled the icicles. I got the idea from a book my friend checked out from the library. The boys look forward to opening their calendar every morning and I look forward to not dealing with a bunch of junk from the dollar store. :)


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