Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh, Stuff It!

What is Santa leaving in your kids' stocking this year? It better not be a lump of coal - think of all those carbon emissions!

In years past, I've stuffed and overstuffed my fair share of stockings. With all the stuffing I did, I'm not sure why anyone even bothered with the "big gifts" under the Christmas tree. I'm aiming at a more environmentally friendly stuffing this year.

I've been reading my kids The Night Before Christmas over and over this year and was struck by the illustrations of the "traditional" Christmas stocking. According to this very scientific study, the old fashioned stocking included one piece of fruit, a couple of nuts, a candy cane, a piece of chocolate or other candy, a wrapped present and a small toy. That sounds perfectly generous to me and I've decided to go with tradition.

This Christmas, my kids will enjoy an apple or orange, a single candy cane, a piece of fair trade chocolate, a small wrapped item (I lucked out and found a place mat featuring each bean's particular interest - trains and instruments - at the local thrift store) and one small toy (a wooden train handed down from a neighbor - yeah, community building! - and, our as yet, only new, non-consumable gift purchase, a new ornament that resembles big bean's favorite instrument).

And that . . . that . . . that's all folks!

1 comment:

Burbanmom said...

Great Idea! I'm totally gonna copy it! :-) Besides, those plastic candy-cane containers filled with M&M's are too damn difficult to open anyhow! And I bet they're not even recyclable.


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