Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Matters Most

Here I on sit on Christmas night. Most of my family is asleep - sick with some nasty bug that only six kids aged 5 and under can spread in less than three days. The few healthy family members (sick people walking! we're all doomed, I'm sure) are watching Christmas Vacation in the other room. I think I'll go join them in a second.

Our Christmas was wonderful but long, exciting but tiring, filled with the joy of new traditions and the drain of old ones. Tonight is a good time for me to reflect on what matters to me. Having a perfect meal on Christmas does not matter. Neither does keeping the place tidy, or decorating Christmas cookies in a way that would make Martha Stewart jealous. Singing impromptu carols around the Yule Log cake on a dark Christmas Eve lit only by candles does. What matters most during the holidays, for me, is creating magic for my children in terms of memories and traditions, not gifts. Sharing those with extended family is an added bonus, all the sweeter because we cannot do it every year.

Whatever matters most to you, I hope you enjoyed it this holiday.

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