Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lipo Your Life

I've joined Chile (a.k.a. the Jenny Craig of the Green world) in her efforts to help us over-consumptive Americans Trim the Fat. The blogosphere's own Weight Watcher is calling for a spending freeze for the frozen month of February. She's also suggesting we tighten the belt on food consumption (my Achilles' heel), electronic stimulation (not that kind! get your mind out of the porn shop!), and whatever else clutters our lives.

I've bravely taken up Chile's Challenge and have pledged to stop extraneous spending, eating and Interneting. I'm also humming the Trim the Fat mantra to myself as I go about my daily life, looking to nip here and tuck there.

This one is easy for me which is why I'm leading with it. ;-) Low hanging fruit, people. Anyway, I'll be posting what we spend on consumable goods under the Trim the Fat banner on the sidebar as the month ticks along.

Chile has suggested adopting leaner consumption over the month of February. While eating less fats, sugars and such sure sounds like the way to go, it is tough for me to ditch the sweet tooth. I'll admit it. I'm a Crunchy Watchers drop out. Oh, I have no trouble not "wasting" food. It's the eating less sugar (fair trade, organic of course!) that needs to the scalpel treatment.

In any event, I'm going to post my weight on the side bar with hopefully diminishing numbers as the month goes by. That should motivate me! I'll also be delving into the depths of my pantry and freezer to use up some of the food we already have. Can you say "winter squash"?

I don't watch TV much but the Internet is a major time suck for me. I love the blogosphere - maybe a little too much. I'm going to have the computer off when the kids are home (except an hour or two on weekends) and to get outside more instead of planting myself in front of the screen.

There you have it. Ways I hope to slim down in February with Chile and the Trim the Fat team as my plastic surgeons. Flip the switch, team! Get that cellulite off of me.


Shannon Hodgins said...

Well said! There is no way in hell I'm posting my weight! Shannon

Chile said...

I'm with Shannon on that one, but I applaud your bravery. All good plans. I've been cutting back on Internet time as well, but then I get behind on all the blogs and feel, well, guilty.

Jennifer said...

Good list! It helps to write it all down, doesn't it! I found it did. Still at no spending here... my internet use is down, too! I've been "plumping up" for winter... it's time to start watching that, too. I'm not posting THAT online, though!

Chile said...

I wrote all mine down, Jennifer, but then I forgot to look at it. Anyone else having problems with mental lapses? Confessions tomorrow on my first week report. (No, it still won't have my weight listed.)

Susan Buhr said...

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...just kidding. Remember that commercial? A miracle has happened-that ten pounds is coming off by itself, with virtually no thought and only a little exercise. I think it's because we are eating more locally, thus lots of veggies and less food eaten out. I'm only having a glass of wine twice a week, and my thyroid is finally at the right level. So, we are saving carbon emissions, money, and losing fat! Happiness ensues.

Donna said...

Really good post. I'll have to think about some of that, especially internet time...

By the way, you've been tagged! http://chocolate-crayon-family.blogspot.com/2008/02/hey-cool-ive-been-tagged.html

In the spirit of your post, don't feel like you have to respond. :) Just thought I'd send some folks your direction.

CindyC said...

Once I stopped spending time at places like Target and ToysRus, I don't miss them at all. It gives me more time to do things like walking, yoga or just read a book. And getting carpal tunnel really trims down my computer time. Sigh...

CindyW said...

Talking about spending too much time on the computer - I have been spending way way way too much time obsessing about the election - major news media, political blogs, individual blogs. Urgh! I really hoped the primary (D) would create a front runner. But no, it goes on and on. The prospect of my obsessing until the convention scares me :)

Love how you wear Obama support on your sleeve (okay, side bar on your blog) :)

Green Bean said...

Well, gals, I just had to post my weight. I need motivation as I'm sadly lacking in a little thing called will power when it comes to sweets.

As for computer time, I'm trying to consolidate and do it all at once - like I do my errands.

Susan: I completely agree that eating only a 100 mile diet will make you fit and trim. Trouble is that I'm having trouble sticking to that for sweets.

Donna: I'll be right over. :)

CindyC: isn't it amazing how easy it actually is to stop shopping? if you don't go places where you'll be tempted, you can't be tempted and therefore don't buy.

CindyW: Super Tuesday and its aftermath have proven difficult in cutting my Internet time - hence Obama in the sidebar! Do you know how much time I wasted surfing someone's blog, watching the video, putting it up on my own sidebar. Sigh.

Allie said...

Wow! Good for you! What an awesome idea!

I'm a lot like you -- I can stop shopping no prob, but cutting down on sweets (mostly chocolate) is just painful.


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