Saturday, February 23, 2008

Planting a Seed

Ah, you thought this would be a philosophical post perhaps about inspiring others to live greener lives or possibly about making ourselves heard by our government. Nope, just a post about planting some seeds.

It is late February and (apparently) seed starting time here in Northern California. Heck, to look at Elements in Time's posts for The Growing Challenge, it seems to be seed starting time just about everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

This past Monday, we planted some lunar white, scarlet nantes and yellowstone carrot and watermelon radish seeds. I've read several times that it is a good idea to plant the two together because the radish seeds come up quicker and remind you where you planted your carrots, which take much longer to germinate. Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots also lists radish seeds as one of the top 20 seeds to plant with kids. The author claims that they grow so quickly that they offer almost instant gratification. Well, golly gee but these folks know what they are talking about. I went out this morning to check on the raised beds after our rainy week and the radish seedlings are up and lifting their charming faces toward the watery sun. They're just about the cutest seedlings I've ever seen.

We also poked some seeds for heirloom peas and unsightly strawberry spinach into our beds. I'm all about planting directly in the soil. Many folks, including Melinda at Elements in Time, claim it is often more successful, it's a lot easier and, quite frankly, I haven't a clue what I'm doing when it comes to starting seeds indoors.

Apparently, I cannot avoid all indoor seed starting though as the packet on my sunberries instructed me, most firmly, to start them inside. After reading up on this, I gathered together saved egg cartons (apparently these disintegrate in the soil when you transplant them), compost, and a cut up yogurt carton to use as seed markers. The boys and I spread the dainty little sunberry seeds in the filled cartons and then put them atop my refrigerator which is ostensibly the warmest spot in my chilly home. I keep them watered but honestly have no clue whether I should keep them up there, put them under the "grow light" to get them to germinate or set them in a sunny window, if I can find one.

It may be raining outside but I'm planting my seeds and inviting spring.


Grant said...

I'm hoping to start planting some seeds tomorrow as well. I've got a few egg cartons set aside, but I have so much stuff still to buy. This is my first garden, so I basically have to start from scratch. Compost, potting soil, all of my seeds, etc. It's a bit daunting, but it also means that Spring is on its way. Before you know it I'll have tomatoes and peppers outside and won't have to wear a hat and scarf inside.

Tenos said...
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Wendy said...

Those of us with a shorter growing season have to start those seeds indoors, but Green Bean, I think no matter what the packets say, I doubt your house is any warmer than outside, so it might be a wash.

Our first no frost day here is the middle of May!

Green Bean said...

Thanks Grant! It will be so nice once the garden starts going, won't it?

Wendy, that's exactly the kind of advice I'm looking for! Easy to follow.

Hazel Nut said...

Waaaah, it's still snowing here and I can't see my flower beds yet - they are still buried under the snow.
Those radish seedlings are adorable, I'm starting to get the planting itch!

~summer~ said...

I've got your Sun Gold cherry tomato seedling planted this week! I am mostly using the plastic seedling pots I saved from last year, and that my boyfriend salvaged at a jobsite. In addition, I'm using some of those little fiber pots...we'll see how they do.

We're so lucky to have an early last frost day!

Also, I've tagged you for the quirk meme, here.


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