Saturday, March 8, 2008


I'm a sucker for the underdog, for the fight against "the man", for revolution. My favorite historical period is, without a doubt, the American Revolution. Favorite quote? George Orwell's statement to the effect that "in a time of universal deceit, the telling of the truth is a revolutionary act." My favorite song from Les Miserables is "Do You Hear the People Sing?" which calls upon the people to rise up.

Revolutionary opportunities for a thirty-something mother of two preschoolers living in suburbia are somewhat limited though. Or so I thought! I just finished reading In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, in which Michael Pollan posits that, in this age of industrial food, "cooking from scratch and growing any of your own food qualify as subversive acts," Well, hand me a tortilla press and color me a revolutionary! We're eating slow food tonight.

At Casa del Beano Verde, we made everything from scratch and even plucked the lettuce straight from our own back yard. Below are my homemade corn tortillas - made with corn meal that I watched an ancient mill grind and served with locally grown beans (soaked all night, slow cooked all day), a locally grown tomato, local cheese through the CSA that I host at my home, chopped homegrown lettuce, local root vegetables roasted in local olive oil, shredded local carrot and local bulk rice. Truly revolting!


gregra&gar said...

Bon appetite la revolucion, or something like that.

LifeLessPlastic said...

Looks awesome! I'm totally starving now!

Jennifer said...

YUMMY! That looks fabulous... if that is subversive, I'm out to overthrow!

Chile said...

Yummy. I love homemade corn tortillas!

Are you craving chocolate after that healthy dinner? I finally got my hot cocoa post up!

katecontinued said...

That hook, the title, was a bit of brilliance. I love your writing, your politics and your menu. I am a huge fan of mezza - lots of small bowls of light food (or dim sum or antipasto or the standing around version - hors d’oeuvres.)


Green Bean said...

Viva la revolution!

Chile, I'll be right over.

Kate, thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. The mezza thing works great with picky kids - no complaining, just take what you want. ;-)

Julie Artz said...

I heart Michael Pollan and I'm with you--viva la revolution!!!

:) Julie

Hazel Nut said...

Who knew it was so easy to be revolting =); am also a fan of Michael Pollan - he states in an article called "Unhappy Meals" that we should "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Good advice and by eating the way you do you're staying away from genetically engineered "food".
Good on you!


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