Monday, July 28, 2008

APLS Power - Activate!

By Ima Greenie, Daily Planet Staff Reporter

GOTHAM CITY - As this reporter previously relayed, sustainable superheroes have been emerging across the country for some months now.

To date, these superheroes have cloaked their identities behind pseudonyms such as The Purloined Letter, Domestic Accident, Goose Juice and IB Mommy. They have, for the most part, worked individually. Appearing in Indiana to rid the world of trash. Saving carloads of recyclables from the landfill from Oregon to California and back. Subduing unsustainable scrubbies and liberating lawns across the country.

These previously shy supers, however, have become quite brazen in recent weeks, embracing their inner affluence and proclaiming "I Am A Superwoman." Apparently, the environmental superheroes - some of whom call themselves APLS - realize "there is strength in numbers" and have begun working together. They've gathered on the Going Green with Burbanmom Yahoo Group, banded together in The Bushel Basket, assembled on the APLS Facebook Group, and planned a physical meeting in the Pacific Northwest.

Reports are now coming in of a top-secret conference of APLS here. This will apparently be home base for individuals with the desire to live sustainably in an affluent society, which, when paired with action, is the only known trigger to superherodom. The APLS Blog will kick off a carnival of connections, whereby the environmental superheroes focus on a single topic each month. Further, rumors abound of regional APLS rising up, organizing physical assemblies of known APLS by geographic location. If you are aware of anyone who might fit the profile for a regional APLS organizer, please report back to this reporter.

It is too soon to tell how the bonding of superheroes might impact the battle to save the planet or alter the communities of these caped crusaders. It is clear, however, that the so-called APLS community grows more powerful by the day. APLS blog organizers report that, like the Wonder Twins, APLS are stronger when they work together and urge all superheroes still in hiding to join in.

If you are aware of any other gathering of APLS, please contact this reporter with details.


Burbanmom said...

Form of A Community Group; Shape of An Environmental Activist!


Sorry, couldn't resist. That was one of my favorite cartoons growing up.

See you in the Bushel Basket!

eco 'burban mom said...

Can I also get some "go-go gadget arms"? I think that would help me get all my green tasks done along with my mundane mommy-chores. Thanks. Just ship them to my house, OK? ;o)

arduous said...

Haha, that Ima Greenie always cracks me up. :)

And I could use some go-go-gadget arms as welll!

Melinda said...

Go Green Bean Flying Green Team! One thing: can I be the one who flies around the world backwards to reverse climate change?

CindyW said...

I'd like to have the power of Jack Jack who can turn into wierdo things if he is mad enough. At times I am certainly mad enough to turn into forest blockers that stop people from deforesting, ocean blockers that prevent filth dumping, air blockers that make people take back their CO2 and other pollutants!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad to see that the Bushel Basket is staying over on the APLS site! I *still* haven't gotten around to actually looking at all the APLS in there. I need to get going on that...

I love Ima Greenie. So funny. (Note to self: Check out all these links sometime soon too.)

Kellie said...

Ima Greenie...hahahahahaha

The Purloined Letter said... I am envisioning my superhero costume--a green raven-winged suit with a giant P (for Poe) on the chest?

Bobbi said...

Is my invisible jet considered green techology?

Donna said...

Yay, superheroes! The carnival is a great idea! I noticed this blog-in-progress on somebody's profile recently and have been eagerly waiting to see what was up! :)

ib mommy said...

Oh, man..... now I'm gonna have to show up for newspaper recycle day at my kid's school wearing my IB Mommy Superhero gear. If she didn't know me better she might actually be embarrassed.

Green Bean said...

Burbs: You're my favorite superhero! You Environmental Activist you!

EcoBurbs: Oh yeah, girl. I so need some of those go-go-gadget arms.

Arduous: I aim to please, though if I came across those arms, they're all mine!

Melinda: That would be such a cool power and, Melinda, we'd celebrate your superherodom with many things including an all local, all delicious meal of yogurt pancakes.

CindyW: I love Jack Jack! Are you kidding me. Unfortunately, for you though, my youngest actually is Jack Jack so it's kinda taken.

Stephanie: You, my girl, were the original inspiration with the comment you left on the Bushel Basket post. Ask and ye shall receive! And, no rush checking out other blogs. Now that we've got the APLS Blog, they're not going anywhere.

Kellie: hee hee

Purloined Letter: Lovin it! I need a costume too, now!

Bobbi: Total green tech!

Donna: The Carnival was totally Arduous' idea. I can't take credit but it is a good one, isn't it?

IB Mommy: Yes, you are. Cape? No cape? Give the deets girl. What does it look like? After Purloined up there came up with quite the fashion statement, I'm needing some gear of my own.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad we've finally launched it! I'm so excited to see how this shapes up!

kale for sale said...

I want boots with my superhero costume. I'll stomp out gmo seeds and save the shores from the pollution of salmon and shrimp farms and then build eco-tourist lodges with snorkeling and local food cooking classes as alternative sources of income. Meanwhile I've got to get back to work at my office job.

Stephanie said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad I was able to help inspire something, and that the APLS blogs aren't going anywhere! Can't wait to get involved. :)

Green Bean said...

Melissa: Yes. It will be exciting to see what happens. I'm particularly excited to see what people make out of regional groups. Ahem? Anyone out there interested in being a go-to-person for their region?

Katrina: Ohhh, I want books too - the thigh high ones like Wonder Woman wore.

Stephanie: Absolutely. That is why it is so helpful to comment - note to anyone reading this who has not commented. I really do read every single comment and so does Arduous (whose idea this was) and so does Melissa.


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