Saturday, July 12, 2008

It is Better to Borrow . . .

I have a tumultuous past with ice cream makers. I buy them used off of Ebay. They come missing pieces. Those pieces are obsolete. I buy another used ice cream maker to scavage for replacement parts. The cycle continues.

Finally, I realized I'd either need to go new or forgo the pleasure of homemade ice cream. As I'd only use the sucker a couple times a year, it would be the latter. It's not like I actually *need* homemade ice cream. Or do I???

One of my closest friends came to the rescue, offering to lend me her ice cream maker. Borrow? Even though I've lauded borrowing as a great way to reduce consumption, it never occured to me to borrow an ice cream maker. Truth be told, although I know how great it is to borrow stuff and reduce duplicates - we don't all need our own lawn mower, dehydrator, cupcake carrier - I rarely do it. Sometimes, I forget. Sometimes, it just feels awkard to ask someone to borrow something. It shouldn't! Borrowing not only saves resources. It keeps clutter out of our homes and offers the opportunity for connecting with a friend or neighbor.

Thanks to my friend, this fourth of July, we enjoyed purely local ice cream. How was it? Delicious! And it tasted even better without the guilt of buying new or the pain of storing yet another appliance.

One Local Fourth of July Dinner:

farmers' market organic bi-color corn
locally baked baguette
local organic cheese
farmers' market organic heirloom tomatoes
farmers' market organic cheddar cauliflower
homegrown organic potatoes, roasted in local olive oil and backyard herbs
fresh lemonade from backyard lemons
vanilla ice cream (local organic cream, local organic pastured eggs,
free trade organic sugar, and free trade organic vanilla)


Bugs and Brooms said...

I wish I were a better borrower! we did get an ice cream maker a while back - it was used but it takes up a lot of space in my cabinets! And I only use it once a month or so! I need to be better about loaning and borrowing items!

eco 'burban mom said...

I don't mind being a lender either! I have a lovely Cuisinart ice cream maker and a wicked looking waffle maker that mostly hang out in my basement in their boxes. Any takers?

Rarely does anyone ask to borrow things these days. When I was a little girl it was a cup of sugar here, a few eggs there and it was almost as if there was this "line of credit" you have with your neighbors. Today? Everyone runs to the store! Though, some of my neighbors might be a little freaked out by my multi colors, varying sized eggs!

Joyce said...

This why I like living near extended family. Everybody just shares this kind of thing.
But oh, GB, where were the brats in beer for that July 4th feast?? Or is that just a Midwest thing?

Arwen said...

Wow, that's great that you're so thrifty.

Blogging Molly said...

We live in a great neighborhood for borrowing - I've even lended out the very same ice cream maker to my neighbor, along with my blender a few times. A different neighbor gave us a push mower, which another neighbor borrows on occasion. Our woodsplitter has made the rounds (pun intended), and we have borrowed a few tools as well. I totally agree that we don't all need one of everything. Borrowing and lending is good for the community, local and worldwide.

Bobbi said...

I agree with Joyce - I borrow lots of things from my extended family.

Green Bean said...

Bugs: It's hard to remember, isn't it? I need to make more of an effort.

EcoBurbs: I'll borrow both the waffle maker AND the eggs. ;-) I like rainbow colored and multiple sizes.

Joyce: I wish I had more extended fmaily in the area. My sister is closest, over an hour away. As to Brats in Beer, I'm not sure if it's a MidWest thing or if folks here eat it too. I would assume they do. :) But, as for us, I'm a vegetarian and, when I do the cooking, my family is too. Actually, my dad is completely vegetarian and my mom, husband and sons rarely eat meat so it works out.

Arwen: Yup! I've saved a whole bunch of money since "going green."

Molly: "Borrowing and lending is good for the community, local and worldwide." So true! It is wonderful that you live in a neighborhood where everyone borrows. I'm working up toward it. My neighbor didn't want to borrow our push mower (I did offer) and felt more comfortable buying her own BUT we did decide to go in together on an edger so we'd only need one. Every little bit helps, I guess.

Bobbi: Alas, my family is too far. :(

Going Crunchy said...

Yep! Cool post! You know I'm on board with that one. Shan

Chile said...

Interesting. I've never had trouble finding complete ice cream makers here in Arizona. In fact, I've purchased and given away at least half a dozen Donvier models over the years, as well as bought a couple for myself. We're currently enjoying homemade vegan ice cream weekly (at least).

It's great to have a borrowing relationship. Marketers have done such a good job convincing us that we each need stuff of our very own that it can be hard to break free and share.

Domestic Accident said...

local ice cream. Yum. We tend to end a meal with local beer!

Joyce said...

Doh! How did I miss that you are vegetarian? So you'll just have to have the beer without the brats:)

Stephanie said...

Didn't some famous person say "Neither a borrower nor a lender be"? :P It is a good system if it works though! I love being able to borrow and lend things like books with friends.

Green Bean said...

Shannon: Absolutely, girl.

Chile: Would you kindly send me one of your ice cream makers? ;-) Actually, I'll just borrow my friend's from now on and not have to store it.

Domestic Accident: That works!

Joyce: It's hilarous! When I read your first comment, I thought you meant brats as in my kids. :) Shows you how us vegetarians think.

Stephanie: Maybe that famous person was one of the marketers that Chile alluded to?

Stephanie said...

Heh. It was Lord Polonius, in Hamlet. No wonder I remember the quote so well. I studied that in an English class. Still, it is true that he didn't really know what he was doing at times...

Joyce said...

You thought I wanted you to soak your children in beer and eat them at the cookout?!! AAAACK!! That would turn me into a vegetarian too!

fearlesschef said...

Borrowing is a great way to build relationships with other like-minded people. Sweets and I have had the pleasure of trading this service for borrowing that... a loaf of banana bread for those berry bushes... unused pavers for the use of your rototiller... it works, and everyone benefits!

Beany said...

Growing up I was always sent to our neighbors to borrow some random thing or the other that my mother needed. I always remember having to borrow yogurt culture certainly better than my method of running to the farmers' market when I forget to save some.

I found the chore annoying because that's the sort of person I am... but now I see that there were some benefits to it.

And I love lemonade!

I got some fava beans today. Hope to make some dip later this week.

Green Bean said...

Stephanie: Hmm, I've blocked Shakespeare out of my mind. I'll take your word that Lord Polonius didn't know what he was doing.

Joyce: Well I wasn't quite sure, Joyce. You always seem so nice but maybe there is a darker side . . . ;-)

Fearless Chef: You are so right. It connects us with people who think along the same lines . . . and we might end up with a loaf of banana bread or a jar of homemade jam. What a lovely system.

Beany: Isn't everything like that annoying when you're a kid, though? Hope you like the fava bean dip!

arduous said...

Well it's no wonder Polonius doesn't advise borrowing and lending. He has clear trust issues!! You know, what with the spying on his son, and all. All though, he does say later in that speech those famous words, "This above all, to thine own self be true." So he wasn't a total prat.

Okay, okay, no more geeking out about Shakespeare. I borrow stuff from friends all the time. Honda got married a year ago, so she has all the good cooking stuff. I just use hers when I need the fancy stuff. Sometimes, I just borrow her kitchen, and then I get to borrow her stuff, and spend time with her!


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