Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

Last weekend, I attended a Safe Makeup and Face Care class. Did I surprise you? I surprised myself!

I'm not much into makeup. Or even skincare. I aim for that minimalist, environmentalist, use few products, create little waste state of mind. My shampoo comes in a bar. My conditioner is vinegar mixed with tea. I brush my teeth with "natural toothpaste" and a Preserve toothbrush. That's my beauty routine.

So what was I doing at a cosmetics class?

Whole Foods offers free, private classes for groups. A fantastic green mothers club from a few cities over set it up and invited my green book club. The turn out was amazing. It was a great opportunity to meet other green moms, take a break from the kids on a Sunday afternoon and to do something girlie. We may be "green moms" but that doesn't mean we're not girls.

Besides, the class wasn't all that girlie. ;-) We learned about the scary ingredients in mainstream cosmetics - ingredients that you don't want on your skin or in the environment. We inspected the reduced packaging efforts of the organic small business lines that sell at Whole Foods. And were privy to one of the best kept beauty secrets of women everywhere, one that Crunchy Chicken coincidentally divulged while I was at the class. Coconut oil.

My biggest take away from the class, though, had nothing to do with skincare. It was that it helps to think outside of the apocalyptic box. That people want to connect in positive, fun ways as well as meaningful, environmental ways. That we can share ideas on community building, home cleaning and local eating over some organic mascara and toner. That green moms are a truly beautiful group - inside and out.

Pretty is as pretty does and these beautiful women do quite a bit.


Robj98168 said...

Hell! All I thought you green mom's did when you got together was shave sheep, spin the wool into yarn and knit by candlelight. *jk*
Glad you set me straight on that.

Glad you had a good time getting girlie!

Burbanmom said...

OMG, someone should totally come up with a "green party" idea to replace all the damn Pampered Chef and Mary Kay parties! I'd SO go to one of those!

But if I have to look at "Cookie's Jewelry" one more time, I'm gonna scoop my eyes out with a melon-baller!


eco 'burban mom said...

First - 'Burbanmom, that idea ROCKS! There is a green biz for you right there. I would love to attend a party like that. If I am guilted into one more chopper, bracelet or basket I will SCREAM.

Green Bean - I struggle with the beauty products. I have fussy skin that likes a routine. Vary the routine and BAM, I am 14 again. Most of my beauty products are Burt's Bees and Physican's Formula Organic. Still not the best choices out there, but marginally better at a fair price. I can't afford $32 mascara with 4 kids. I wish I was comfortable enough to show up to meetings with clients sans makeup, but really just not happening in the business I am in. Sometimes I think it's sad that I still feel pressured to look a certain way before leaving the house. Almost like it's a step backwards?

I would love to attend a green girls get together like that, what a nice way to feel girlie for a few minutes and meet some new people with similar interests. As a mother of boys as well, I can understand the need to take a few minutes to feel like a girl. Before heading back home to kick footballs... sigh.

ib mommy said...

Burbs and Eco 'Burban...Laughing.... my husband calls those parties f your neighbor parties!

That sounds like so much fun! A nice way to meet other moms who share a common interest.

Bobbi said...

I'm very minimalist when it comes to a beauty regime. Homemade sugar scrub for my skin, coconut oil for body and hair conditioner, and lemon and vinegar hair rinse. Of course, I also use cucumbers for puffy eyes and an avacado mask to tone and firm my skin. I don't use makeup, but I do use a homemade lip balm and a cornstarch powder to take the shine off my face.

I'm really not the average girly girl!

Green Bean said...

Rob: Yes, sometimes we do manage to put down the yarn and get out of the house. Not very often mind you

Burbs: Jennifer at the Smart Mama does girls' nights out where she teaches women to make their own green cleaning or bodycare supplies. How fun does that sound? Of course, she's in LA so I don't think either of us could have her over.

EcoBurbs: Hey Burts Bees and Phscians Formula Organics are not bad! The great thing about this class, too, is that there was absolutely no pressure to buy. Lots of the moms left with nothing - other than some quick grocery shopping before heading home. That's a bummer that you feel that you need to wear makeup because it can be such a drag. I have to admit that, even when I practiced law in SF, I never wore makeup - just because I'm lazy. Are you sure you couldn't get away with it? Besides, I envision you as a total natural beauty. :) What other kind of person could manage 4 boys!!

IB Mommy: Yeah, it was fun. We had a really good turn out too because I think lots of us like to get out there and do something a little different . . . especially when it's green AND free.

Bobbi: Wow! Those are great solutions. I don't scrub or any of that stuff but I have uber sensitive skin. I should remember the cukes for the nights when I don't get much sleep courtesy of my kids.

Green Resolutions said...

vinegar and tea? i'm intrigued. have you already posted about this?

MamaBird said...

Awesome post, I have been thinking so much about makeup and beauty since Crunchy's post the other day. I would love to attend one of those classes! I really only wear makeup when I am headed out for fun, ie I did at Blogher but most days I don't - heck, if my teeth and hair are brushed I am pretty on top of things as far as I am concerned. Gosh, I wish I could have Jennifer aka SmartMama for a month or so...that xray gun, the homemade green product parties...sigh

eco 'burban mom said...

Well, I don't were much make up, but for some reason I feel the need to put my "eyeballs" (what the kids call it) on. That's mascara in laymans terms. A splash of powder, a little dusting of blush and a swipe of eyeshadow. Probably not even applied correctly or even looks that good, but it's like armor I guess. Not sure why, but it's habit!

CindyW said...

For whatever reason, every time I think about coconut oil, I think about rainforest being cleared to plant coconut trees. Or is it palm oil? Someone please straighten me out.

I don't wear any makeup, not because I oppose the idea. I just don't know how and am just too damned lazy to try. You know how you just get used to a certain look? Every time, I put on the slightest lipstick, even when it is tinted chapstick, I feel like a vampire :) So I am stuck with the look of bareness.

On the other hand, skin care always interests me. If my assumption about coconut oil is unfounded, I will give that a try.

Abbie said...

I would love to set up a class like that for my Environmental Club kids. Last year, for Earth Day, I had a student put on a Sustainable Fashion show. It was so awesome and the turnout from the high school kids, teachers and parents was awesome.

Melissa said...

I was going to say that I only wear makeup when I go places like weddings, but then I realized that lately that's like every week! Either way this sounds like a fun night out with the girls!

Green Bean said...

Green Resolutions: I posted about it a while back here. I love the vinegar rinse. No problems, hair stays healthy.

MamaBird: I'm so with you. I'd love to have Jennifer out to do all her magic! A need for more green entrepreneurs. You might check if your Whole Foods have any classes like that. Our instructor also offered to do one with raw food - kind of like Bobbi talks about above, avocado masks, etc.

EcoBurbs: You're right. It's probably habit. That's the reason I feel uncomfortable IN make up. I'm just not used to it.

Cindy: It's the palm oil that is wrecking havock. And I know what you mean about the vampire thing! Hilarous.

Abbie: I swear that people love that kind of stuff - fashion shows, makeovers - things that aren't too far out there but get people thinking.

Melissa: Have fun at your 500 weddings. See you in a few months. ;-)

Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh, I am sooo going to do a Girl's Green Party up here. Since we're meeting up in Seattle in August, I'll see how many people are interested in attending something like this in late September.

Depending on how it goes, I can let others know what I'm "teaching" along with the recipes if others want to host something similar in their neck o' the woods.

Green Bean said...

How great would that be. Please do share what you teach - it would be fun to set these up across the country. :)

Kristin Miller said...

You guys should definitely check out Garden Girl. We are a GREEN company with products that are all free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and petroleum products. We are now even offering refill packages for some of our top sellers.

And we have FUN parties that are informative - all about the ingredients to steer clear of (and most importantly why) and also help you weed through the hype to understand the facts.

We are a growing company so we don't have sales consultants in all areas, but if you are interested email info@gardengirlskincare.com and we can let you know. If there isn't a consultant in your area, you can still host a party and reap the benefits!

Check us out at www.gardengirlskincare.com !

Jennifer Taggart said...

I don't know why I didn't see this post before, but I do host green girl parties - I have a Healthy Home party (which is general info on reducing toxic chemicals in the home), a Girls Night Out party (make your own beauty products, including perfume), a Green Cleaning party (make your own green cleaning) and Toxic Toy Box - testing with the XRF gun.

And I've been doing testing in San Francisco, so perhaps we could do a party?



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