Saturday, August 30, 2008

One Local Potluck

As One Local Summer draws to a close, I can't wait for the next local eating challenge. Whenever I've participated in one, I've stretched. Tried new recipes. Sampled new produce. Made new farmer friends. Uncovered new varieties.

Even though we generally eat local year round, there is something special about celebrating and sharing local meals. That is what we do online, through these local eating challenges. And that is why it is entirely fitting that my last One Local Summer meal is a local foods potluck, shared with local green moms.

Last week, we gathered at a green book club members home for a delicious meal made almost entirely of local ingredients. Though we agreed that we could pick our recipes from any local foods cookbook, we all gravitated to Outstanding in the Field by Jim Denevan. It is a stunningly beautiful, deliciously simple book that celebrates small farmers, seasonal food and everything yummy about the local foods movement.

We enjoyed the Goat Cheese Crostini with Sweet Pea Risotto, Savory Pecan, Parmesan and Thyme Shortbread, Rainbow Chard Tart and Upside Down Fresh Fig Cake.

We parted that night delectably satisfied - the kind of satisfaction you can find from eating food that is good not only for the taste buds but for the planet.
Happy One Local Summer to all! Keep enjoying your local delights.


ruchi aka arduous said...

you're back early!!! yay!!

Abbie said...

That book looks good. I'll have to check it out!

And welcome back :)

Robj98168 said...

LOL couldn't stay away until your blogcation waa over- heh green bean? That tart looks fabulous.

Green Bean said...

Yes, indeedy, I am back early. I couldn't miss out on the end of One Local Summer - which I believe is today. Thanks for the welcomes. I'll post again on Tuesday. Missed you all.

kale for sale said...

Who needs to open the cover on that book - he's cute.

Hope you had a good break and it'll be good to have you back.


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