Monday, October 13, 2008

A Green Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a mom decided to live a greener life. In doing so, she decided to chronicle her adventures, her triumphs and failures, her thoughts and hopes.

She grew quite a bit - or shrank, depending on how you look at it. She learned a lot. Shared a lot. Made new friends. Became part of a community. And she wrote. And wrote. And wrote.

Then, one day, she woke up and realized that she was doing quite a bit of writing but maybe not as much doing as she used to, as she'd like to. She was too busy typing to research funding for solar panels for her son's school. The garden withered and died and, still, she crouched in front the lit screen and pecked. The scarf she meant to knit lay listless in a dark closet corner. Books piled like mountains. Ideas went on in her head like CFL lightbulbs - a community back to school clothing swap, a green movie night for the whole town, an expanded edible garden for her son's school, a green team for the school district - but burned out before she had time to get to them.

But she loved her keyboard, she thought. It enabled her to shout her opinions and ideas from the mountain top - or about mountain tops. She cherished her cables. They connected her to friends across the globe. She adored her mouse and monitor. They had forged the path to self knowledge and self expression.

She couldn't leave them behind.

And it turned out she didn't have to. Because there were others out there just like her. She liked to write about building community. And now they would build one in a blog.

She decided to join with Burbanmom of Going Green, MamaBird of Surely You Nest and Hannah at The Purloined Letter in a new team blog. Starting on October 20th, she will leave behind Dreams of Green Beans and embark on a new adventure. One with good friends. Regular writing. And a life full of doing.

Please join me at our new blog, the Green Phone Booth, next Monday, October 20th. I'll blog for one more week, here at Green Bean Dreams, tie up some loose ends, and then I'll don my green cape permanently at the Green Phone Booth. Dial in now. We're excited to open the phone lines.


Belinda said...

Hi GreenBean,

Glad you managed to find a balance that sounds like it should work really well for you.

Just one problem... I believe you are currently having a DNS issue with your domain.. when clicking on your link I got to some free pc phone site... when I used
it got to what seems to be the correct site but resolved to the same domain name that you originally provided.

Kind Regards

Jennifer said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'm glad you have figured out how to spend more time with yourself.

Green Bean said...

Belinda: Thank you for the head's up. I think I've got the links fixed but that was really strange. Both showed up as our new blog and that phone site. Thank you!

Jennifer: Thank you! I feel like it will be the best of both worlds. :) Hope so anyway.

Bugs and Brooms said...

OK - I am a little sad that GBD will no longer be on the radar but I am thrilled that you have started something new that will give you a chance to do the things that you want! I struggle with this balancing act too and it is nice to know that there is a way to work in your typing with your doing! See you over at the phone booth!

Green Resolutions said...

I'm excited about your new blog, but *please* don't delete this one. I'm constantly referring to previous posts!

Melinda said...

I can't wait to see all of your lovely writing in one place!! Of course we will all miss Green Bean Dreams (and I second the "motion" to keep the site up for a while as I have linked here several times as well), but I think the new blog will be wonderful!!

Abbie said...

Good for you. I always wonder how you, the eco mom superhero, can do all that you do here online and still live the life at home. I think, how can GB do all this and still have a life? And how will I ever do it when I have kids?
I'm so glad you found a way to do both, and I'm SO glad you're not just leaving us!!! I would miss your posts too much!

Last night as I was planning our halloween costumes (a hunter for my husband, and a tree hugger for me... wait, those aren't costumes!) I was thinking about your Halloween post and how happy you'd be that we're just repurposing things we already have for costumes.

OK that's all! Be sure to stop by the APLS carnival on the 15th!

Crunchy Chicken said...

What in the world is going on around here? You mean I have to update my links?

I'm just kidding. And I can totally commiserate. Good luck with the new blog and I'll be seeing your over at the phone booth.

Domestic Accident said...

How exciting. Congratulations!

amanda said...

sounds great! i will follow on over...

Green Bean said...

Bugs: Thank you! It is a little sad to leave GBD behind but I do believe we can do it all. Just not all the time. I feel like the phone booth will let me continue blogging, to a lesser degree, while still being a sane person. :) I hope you find balance too. We're all struggling for it constantly, aren't we?

Green Resolutions: Hey! Long time, no see! Glad to see your name pop up here. NO. I will NOT delete GBD. I won't be posting here any more after this Friday but I'll keep it up for links, archives, etc.

Melinda: Thank you so much for your comment and your mention on your blog. See above. No deleting this blog. I promise. :)

Abbie: It's kind of like those job shares you teachers do. :) Or at least that's what a lot of the teachers do here in Northern California. I AM proud of you and your husband. You little re-purposers you. :)

Crunchy: Girl, you rock! By the time I saw your comment, you'd already updated your blogroll. No one says you can't do it all. Right?

Domestic Accident and Amanda: Thank you! Look forward to seeing you at our little phone booth.

Donna said...

Good heavens! I go out of town for one day and come back to find out my favorite blog is shutting down! That'll teach me!

Best of luck to you. Sounds like a good compromise since I never could figure out how you did it all! I'll put your new blog on my speeddial. :)

CindyW said...

Hey, I was at first sad about your ending Greenbeandreams. What?!

Then I am really glad that you are doing it as a team on GreenPhoneBooth. Now I just have to go to one place instead a few :) Yay!

I am looking forward to your new team blog.

kale for sale said...

Very smart as usual. I'm excited. High fives to all of you.

Chile said...

As others have said, it sounds like a way to get the best of both worlds - real and cyberspace. Good luck with it, and I'll give you a "call" there.

eco 'burban mom said...

Oh, I will miss GBD, but as I struggle to find balance myself, I think the idea is stellar. Best of luck, I will be calling the Green Phone Booth for more great writing!

Green Bean said...

Donna: Sorry! I'll give you fair warning next time. ;-) I think it is a compromise that will work.

Cindy: Thank you! I look forward to seeing you over there.

Katrina: Thanks, girl! You once called me the Bob Dylan of the blog world. Think you may be right.

Chile: Please do call in. I'm hoping that it lets me keep a foot in all my worlds.

EcoBurbs: It is a constant struggle, isn't it? Between writing and doing?

Lori Ann said...

Super cute way to share your story, I'll be subscribing to the new blog now!

Gray Matters said...

What a great group of minds & hearts coming together. Looking forward to it.

Going Crunchy said...

And wishes of happiness!

But NO. I'm still resisting the change.

Sniff. Shannon


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