Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blooming Where I Am Planted

In 2009, the American economy crashed and people everywhere gave up new wardrobes, meals out, and vacations.  Indeed, 2009 was the year of the "staycation."  People embraced them to save money and to reduce emissions.

Fast forward, 2011 and staycations have become tad boring.  We the people have frugal fatigue and are tired of vacationing in our backyards.  I'll even admit to hankering for far away places - preferably somewhere sunny and sandy.  Somewhere that finances, young kids and greener principles have kept out of my reach for half a decade.

And yet, a combination of illness and bad luck kept us home over a recent week off.  We had no choice but to bloom where we were planted.  We visited local museums, hiked county parks, toured state parks, and hit the zoo.  Some of these things I'd never done in my fifteen years in the Bay Area.  All of them were within a thirty mile radius of our home.

We bloomed where we are planted and found that there is quite a bit growing in our neck of the woods.  What about in yours?


ruchi said...

Have you ever been up to Telegraph Hill? Although I am a Bay Area native, I had never been until about a month ago and it is GORGEOUS. Be sure to check out the backside where the parrots live.

I get the travel bug frequently, but sometimes am able to quell that with little "trips" at home. After all, we do live in the most beautiful state on Earth.

Green Bean said...

Funny, I've never been to Telegraph Hill! Heck, we hardly ever make it up to SF and we're only 30 minutes away. So much to do there.


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