Thursday, April 14, 2011

Downright Seedy

I know what you've been thinking.  What kind of blog is this anyway?  Talk of garden porn, then farmer porn and now this title?  Is she admitting that this "green blog" has gone the way of zucchini and cucumbers?  Well, only if you are talking about gardens!

I think I've established myself as a girl who cannot contain herself in a locally owned nursery.  Same goes with a seed catalog.  Turns out that a couple years ago, as I was "controlling my impulses", well, I wasn't so much.  I was just redirecting them.  I overloaded in the seed department with dreams of an unending garden.  Last year, we moved during planting season and I didn't plant much.  This year, with seeds that are two to three years old, I tamped down my desires for new and more and more seeds, and am using up the packets in my seed box.

Emptying out the seed box, I learned something about myself.  I love to garden.  It is my medication, my yoga, my prozac.  But I'm also a lazy gardener.  I haven't a tomato or pepper seed packet in sight.  Why?  Because I like to plant directly in the ground.  No greenhouses, sunny windows, misting seedlings for me.  I know loads of folks do it successfully but I never seem to.  I forget to water, ahem, mist for a day or two.  I overcompensate by overwatering.  My windows are not sunny enough.  Who knows but my "seeds started indoors" never start.  As a result, I really only grow stuff from seeds that I can plant directly into the soil.

Squash.  Legumes.  Melon.  Some herbs and flowers.  Generally, big seeds or the ones you can broadcast.  This year, I have gotten lettuce to grow directly sowed as well.

Any advice for a lazy seeder?  What luck have you had starting seeds indoors?  Help a bean out so I can get downright seedy.


Roasted Garlicious said...

i think i suffer from the same gardening addiction ;) could be worse ... could be shoes or clothes of which we can not eat!! perhaps a couple of good cold frames in the garden and you can direct sow the seeds that normally you would sow indoors first...

Green Bean said...

Now THAT is genius!! Cold frames!!! Love it. Thanks for such a great tip.


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