Friday, May 27, 2011

Blank Slate to Full Plate, Part 2

We moved to this half acre parcel last summer with big dreams, big plans and big paralysis.  In March, we finally got moving and put in three raised beds, a few pathways and moved the kids playhouse.  Now, all we needed was some plants.  Well, some plants, some water, some amended soil and you know how the drill goes.

Part 1 can be found here.

Part 2 of our efforts to turn our blank slate of a yard into a micro-farm is below:

This bed contains three citrus, a lime, mandarin orange and lemon.  I plan for it to also double as my pumpkin patch and have winter squash on one side and summer squash on the other with pollinator favorites in between.

This is the only place where I've put sheet mulch down so far.  More of that to come this fall.  I've got some herbs and wildflowers here with what appear to be morel mushrooms popping up in their midst.  Off to the left is an old plum tree.

In the foreground is the mature fig and just beyond it on the right is a fairly mature Asian pear - with forming fruit already!!  In the back of the photo is a mature apple and it is flanked by raised beds on one side and in impromptu flower garden - just sprouts now - of zinnias and sunflowers.  There is also a pear and 4-in-1 apple not visible from here.

Thank goodness for instant gratification because that is what raised beds are to a gardener!!  No waiting on sheet mulch to break down.  The back two beds have tomatoes, peppers and calendula and the front one has peas, lettuce and cilantro sewn from seed.  On either side of the windmill are baby sunflowers popping out of the earth.

So that's our plan for getting to a full plate.  What's yours?

Like to watch the green beans grow?  Come watch with me at the Facebook page where I share photos, links and updates in addition to blog posts.


Chile said...

I'm jealous of your mature fruit trees. I assume they were there when you bought the house? We planted some this year, but they are pretty small. Our total harvest will be maybe 10 apples, 3 plums, and 3 peaches...if the birds don't get 'em first.

The vegetable garden is still small but we've been nibbling on yellow plum tomatoes for a week now. By nibbling, I mean a couple a day. Peppers and other tomatoes are setting fruit and the squash looks to bloom soon. There's hope.

meg- grow and resist said...

Beautiful! Looks productive and peaceful!


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