Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Confessions From a Brown Thumb Gardener

To walk along the path in my garden, you'd never know it.  You'd stroll past tomatoes shimmying up through their cages.  You'd pass by peas, clambering upward and stretching out to shade the come again lettuce and cilantro.  All grown from tiny seeds poked into the soil back in March.  

You'd step around the soft earthen mounds, where big leafed squash seedlings poke out and you'd peer through the clawing leaves of a native grape.  You might stop to cradle a forming blackberry or an early pear or apple on the trees I planted just a few months ago.  You'd be impressed by my garden, I think.  It is sweet and beautiful and productive and oh so fruitful.

And you would probably never notice what is not there.  No beets.  No radishes.  Just a handful of carrot seeds tossed under a few of the tomatoes because I found an old packet of seeds "carrots love tomatoes" or something like that.  Yes, yes, I know that radishes are "the easiest vegetable to grow."  I'm sure they are if you just want them to sprout.  But to grow something edible, well then, that might be asking a bit much from me, don't you think?

You see as much as I consider myself a gardener, I do have a bit of a brown thumb.  Just in certain areas - mostly non-potato root vegetables.  Corn seems to be beyond me as well and, frankly, my broccoli hasn't turned out all that well either.  Raspberries and blueberries are also not for me.  

I work around my brown thumb.  I plant what is easy to grow.  What likes my climate.  What I eat.  And everything else weeds itself out.

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Lisa Sharp said...

You will only find flowers in my garden. I don't have a place to grow food right now. Hopefully someday!

Green Bean said...

Almost every gardener I know started out that way! I started out with a "color bowl" of flowers on a shady porch in a grad school apartment. :)

Green Thumb Gardening said...

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