Monday, May 2, 2011

Kitchen Sink Stir Fry

My favorite days to make stir fry are Thursdays, the day my CSA box arrives, or Wednesday, the day before the next one arrives!  Either explore a fresh new bounty of veggies or clear out the produce drawers.  It works just fine on Meatless Monday too! Either way, kitchen sink stir fry is the answer.

Start with a little oil, a chopped onion, and thinly sliced carrots.  My CSA is always overly generous on the carrots!  I then go from there, slicing and dicing anything in my path.  Stuff that takes longer to cook like broccoli and cauliflower goes in sooner while quick cooking delights, like the darling baby bok choi peppering last week's box, goes in last. 

For protein, I'll add (1) tofu, pressed to get the water out and lightly browned ahead of time, (2) an egg or two cracked right in the pan a la Pad Thai or (3) some raw cashews or peanuts.  

My favorite sauce is soy, a little water and a tablespoon or so of brown sugar.  I hate to admit this but I usually make stir fry in two pans - one for the kids and one for the adults because mama likes it SPICY!  I am liberal with the crushed red pepper flakes and "Thai chili sauce."

Kitchen sink stir fry is a purely seasonal dish that varies with the seasons.  It is never the same meal twice but mine is always meatless, always tasty and very very healthy.  Serve over rice or eat plain if you are counting carbs.

Happy Meatless Monday!  Check out Midnight Manic's Meatless Monday for more vegetarian ideas.

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