Monday, May 9, 2011


A few months back, I devoured the delightful book, The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball, a memoir of a city girl who falls for a farmer and farming.  I enjoyed so many things about the book but one particular passage I have not been able to get out of my head.  The author explained that being a farmer makes one feel wealthy - when we all know farmers are anything but!  She lauded the open space, the magic of the land and the creatures on it, and a scene where her husband would walk through the fields, pluck a head of lettuce and bury his face in it, nibbling away the baby leaves.  A farmer's privilege.

It is true that our Meatless Monday is a simple meal - scrambled eggs and toast.  More fitting for breakfast but a dinner that we moms pull out of our hat from time to time when life is too busy, we are too tired or well, just because.

These scrambled eggs, this toast, this is not a simple meal though.  This is a meal that only the wealthy, the truly fortunate could eat.  Eggs from my own band of backyard chickens.  Cherry jam that I made last year from farmer's market cherries.  The sweetest CSA strawberries and a handful of blueberries from our town's farmer's market that opened last week.

How do I feel on Meatless Monday when I eat breakfast for dinner?


*Check out other ways to feel rich this Monday at Midnight Manic's Meatless Monday carnival.


Melinda said...

Yum. I'm salivating! Your eggs look absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure it makes the work totally worth it. What a lovely life you're living!

Green Bean said...

Thank you, Melinda. After all the drama I had in the beginning with my chickens, I'm loving it now! And the eggs ARE amazing.

notherethenwhere said...

That looks absolutely delicious (I love eggs for dinner), and I appreciate the reminder of how wealthy and fortunate even some of what seem to be the more simple things in life make us - such a good thing to keep in mind.

Green Bean said...

Thank you, notherethenwhere! :)

Green Bean said...

@Notherethenwhere: Thank you for stopping by, and for sharing my love of breakfast for dinner.


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