Friday, May 20, 2011

Romancing the Berry

It was my favorite time of the week. I felt out of breath.  Sweat broke out along my hairline in anticipation.  I placed my hands on the cold, hard countertop and wondered what it would be this week.

My hands fumbled at the knots and my heart hammered in my ears.  I paused, took a deep breath and tried to remember what the email had said.  I drew a blank.  Finally, the knot gave way and I slipped my hand eagerly inside.  A tight, bumpy orb.  I pulled it out and held it to my nose.  Lemon.

I pawed through the greens and carrots and then came to three small brown bags, their ends rolled tight.  I quickly unrolled the bags, one at a time, eager to leer inside and see this week's offerings.  Favas.  Snap peas.  Ahhh, my stomach flipped over a bit.  Mushrooms.

Finally, my hands moved - almost on their own - over to the baskets lined rigidly along the end of the counter.  I tugged and finally yanked a luscious strawberry from the constricting green plastic baskets and took a bite.  Yes.  YES!  YES!!!!

It was CSA pick up day and I admit to being a wee bit excited.

* Photo credit to Topfer.


Chile said...

Lucky you! Our CSA never had strawberries. :(

Green Bean said...

It's the reason I signed up again, Chile!

Robj98168 said...

That's the way I am every week at the farmers' market. Love it when the berries come in!

Green Bean said...

Good to know I'm not alone, Rob, in my love of fresh produce.

Joyce Lansky said...

Yum! Nothing like a big, red, juicy strawberry. Enjoy.


Green Bean said...

Indeed, Joyce, there is nothing better! Thank you for stopping by.


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