Thursday, May 26, 2011

What to Make of the Maker Faire

The Maker Faire is the coolest event on the planet!  It is part science faire, part DIY workshop, part craft faire and part green.  Or so they say.  And most of the people who attend the Faire are equally cool.  Decked out in steampunk corsets and top hats, hair dyed every color of the rainbow, with fishnet stockings ripped from here to there.  An echoing drum beat thrums throughout the fairgrounds.  This hipster event is where all the cool kids go.

Only it turns out, that I'm not a cool kid!  

When my family and I hit the Maker Faire last weekend, I had big hopes and unfortunately not big plans.  I  just figured we'd show up mid-day and hit some stalls, learn some stuff, the kids would "make",  we'd all see what older, bigger "kids" had made and we'd be good.  

But the Maker Faire is not for the weak or the disorganized.  It was insanely crowded.  You could hardly see the exhibits over the shoulders and under the arms of other visitors.  Parking was so full that we were advised to drive 10 minutes away and catch a shuttle down the hill to the event.  There was a map but no signs advising what was what.  After wandering aimlessly for three hours and then choking down some nachos, which my son later choked up (yes, it was lovely!), we skedaddled.  

A couple days later, I felt recovered enough to read my friend, Alison's post: 12 Tips To Being a Pro At the Maker Faire.  Looks like I did every one wrong.  Ah well, maybe next year .  . . 

Or not.

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Alison Golden - The Secret Life of a Warrior Woman said...

I'm not surprised you didn't know what to make of it. I'm still not sure and we've been every year.

If anyone asks me what it's like I say 'it's for weird people, by even weirder people.'

I'm also convinced the people who go to the Maker Faire in May, go home and in December change their clothes to show up at the Dickens Faire. Seems the same crowd to me.

Anyhow, thank you for linking to my post. There are some tips to turn it from the type of experience you had to one that is a little more rewarding. Try it again now you have your Maker Faire stripes well and truly earned.

Green Bean said...

Thanks Alison for making me feel like I wasn't the only one to not be sure what to make of the event. We may go back next year - but armed with your tips and a year's worth of experience under our belt!


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