Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've been busy in the garden lately.  Not with planting because, well, mostly everything is planted.  Not with harvesting because, well, mostly nothing is ready to be harvested yet.  Just non-blog worthy projects for the most part.  Moving the tool shed, weeding, tying up vines, putting in pathways between the raised beds.

Actually, the last one I did think was worth at least some photos.  I laid down cardboard from boxes and my kids science projects.  Ever notice how none of us have newspaper any more.  We've all cut that out to be eco-friendly but boxes do still crop up as do school projects so yay for reuse.  I covered the cardboard with mulch, lined them with some of the used brick we have lying about and, ta da!

The raised beds from the pathways UP

Non-weedy walkways that don't do much other than provide a finished look in between my bursting beds.


ZZ's Garden said...

I like the size of your raised beds.

I don't know why, but I always thought raised beds could only be a certain size.

Thanks for proving me wrong.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Your beds look so full and lush! The best pathways I ever had was when I had some pine trees chopped down and the tree company left me the chips. I was able to lay down a couple inches of those. It looked beautiful was so soft to walk on and was a great weed barrier!

SharleneT said...

Gorgeous raised beds. I like the height, too. It's so well worth making them easy access. I've got to find me some cardboard, although I do have a friend who keeps all his papers for me. Very handy cultivating folks who still read the paper... Come visit when you can and see what I did with an old credenza!

Green Bean said...

@ZZ: Thank you! :) I have seen raised beds in every shape and size. I'd say they are as limitless as your imagination.

@Manuela: Genius! I really need to hook up with a tree company.

@Sharlene: Good idea re cultivating folks who still read the paper. I had a source at our old place but not here. Will have to check out the credenza!

Rosa said...

Wow, those look lovely!

Green Bean said...

Thank you, Rosa. I'm very happy with them.

Diana said...

That's a nice looking garden!

At least here in Tennessee, cardboard works SO much better than newspaper as a base for new beds and walkways both. The biggest mistake I ever made was using old carpet placed upside down in the walkways and covering with mulch -- when weeds (like infernal bermuda grass) did grow in there the roots would bind with the carpet and was harder than ever to get out.

Green Bean said...

Diana, that is good to know re the carpet! I've seen on several garden forums people talk about the virtues of using upside down carpet. Thankfully, I only had cardboard! ;-)

ZZ's Garden said...

You're Welcome!

I have even read a post on a blog where they were saying you can use those reusable bags they sell in stores.

So I guess it is up to your own imagination


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