Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunshine Brings

Berries beginning to bloom; 

Happy hens shielded by a native grapevine;

And companionship.

What has sunshine brought to your garden?


SharleneT said...

We've had such an unusually hot spring that I've lost some of the cool-weather loving crops like chard, but the hot-weather ones are thriving! Good thing, I'm not totally dependent on surviving off my garden! There's plenty to can if I manage it properly. Come visit when you can.

Chile said...

Um, sunshne here has brought cooked (now dead) chard and an overheated grouchy Chile girl.

But, it has also brought early ripe peaches to the organic farm I volunteer at, as well as fresh corn. It has brought tomatoes and alpine strawberries to peak ripeness in my garden. And it has made the yard to hot for the dogs to want to be outside after 8 am!

Green Bean said...

@Sharlene: I feel the same way about not being fully dependent on the garden though because our spring was so cold. Strange weather everywhere. Thanks for visiting.

@Chile: Lol! Sorry. I can laugh because it hasn't been that hot here - yet.

Lisa Sharp said...

Death! haha We are in a drought and it's been very hot so my plants are looking a bit sad and a couple died.

Green Bean said...

Ha, Lisa, that's really funny. I mean, the way it reads - not that your plants are dying. We had the coldest May and now are baking this June. Good luck to your plants!


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