Monday, July 18, 2011

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

How does my garden grow?  Despite the summer being fairly cool and after being here for less than one year, I'd say pretty darn good.

Welcome to my "micro farm."  Blackberries, flame seedless grapes, and nasturtiums soften the wall and attract pollinators and provide fruit!  Only a few blackberries this year, devoured right off the cane and no grapes yet as this is their first year but I couldn't be happier with the nasturtiums.

On the right is my "bird garden".  It is not much different from my pollinator garden except that it gets less sun so I had less hope.  The only edibles in this area are some dill and cilantro interplanted with the sunflowers, cosmos, foxglove and borage.  Oops! I guess the last counts as an edible too!  

There is a plum, or more likely prune, tree that was here when we moved in in front of the cottage.  It was in pretty bad shape but we've pruned, fertilized and watered it and it is no producing lots of teeny tiny fruit.  Any suggestions on making the fruit bigger?  Thin the fruit right after the tree flowers?

This is the path to the little red coop - where all the drama happens - and, on the left, my pollinator garden.  Hidden in there are baby lemon, lime,  mandarin orange and pomegranate trees, some summer squash which is doing well and some winter squash which is doing nothing.  Oh the right are my raised beds.  More on those to come.

A view from the cottage window - a mature black mission fig that came with the house is in the foreground.  You can just barely make out the Asian pear slightly to the left of the fig.  It is its first year and already has a ton of fruit!!  On the left, behind the sunflowers, is that mature apple tree that we found here.  I'm not sure of the variety but it is a summer apple that seems to be best for baking.  Apples should be ready in the next month so apple crumble here I come!

Directly in front of the cottage are my three raised beds.  The one furthest from the steps and closest to the cottage has mammoth sunflowers behind it.  I've got tomatoes, carrots and peppers in the back two beds with nasturtium and calendula interplanted for pollinators, to repel pests and to look pretty.

The front bed had peas and is currently in transition.  There are some carrots and basil and I'm planning to put in some broccoli, collards and lettuce.  

A giant pumpkin is finally blossoming in front of the chicken coop.  We'll see if it produces anything because everything is so late this year.  I have a native grape climbing this side of the coop and it is flanked by a native flowering shrub and a tree mallow on either side.  To the right is a four in one apple that went in in January and is already producing some fruit.

This is looking from the coop to the cottage.  You can see my baby 4-in-1 apple, a baby 3-in-1 pear and the mature apple. I also have a fenced off area where I planted zinnias, Mexican sunflowers and sunflowers.  I didn't want the kids to trounce them and erected this temporary fix that is looking like it will last all season long.

Finally, here's a peek at what is growing in the garden: crookneck squash, basil, carrots, and my first tomato - not pictured, just eaten!  Oh, and a random egg.

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Donna said...

I love your place, the gardens are beautiful!

Patti said...

Wow! You've really worked hard to accomplish all you have in less than a year. Good job!

angela said...

What a gorgeous space! Love the view of the path to the coop. :)

Dicky Bird said...

Nice garden tour! Your place looks nice. Love the coop! Wish I could grow all of those fruit trees! Blessing from Wisconsin!

Willo said...

Looks great! I am taking notes so mine can look more like yours next year!

Daphne said...

Your new yard is wonderful. And pretty harvest with the yellow squash.

Donna Heber said...

Your garden looks fantastic! Thank you for the garden tour.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your whole garden is lovely--I especially like the view down the pathway leading to the bright red coop!

mollymakesdo said...

amazing, it always surprises me what you can do on an acre!

Pam said...

Wow! This is an impressive garden! Thank you for linking up!

Sherry said...

Wow~ You have done a great job on your garden after less than one year. I really like the chicken coop and the "birdhouse" garden.

rosesandgargoyles said...

Oh goodness...your "random egg" comment just cracked me up for some reason! It must be getting late. Your garden looks awesome. Looking forward to watching it grow.
oh. just realized the pun!

The Owl Nest said...

Your place is lovely! It looks so relaxing ;-)

I know a homestead life is a hopping life, but your pictures sure make it look easy and carefree; LOL


Green Bean said...

@Donna - Thank you!

@Patti - It is funny. When I get frustrated that I've not done more or that I planted the shade providing plants on the wrong side of the coop, I have to remind myself that it is really only a year.

@Angela - That's one of my favorite spots too!

@DickyBird: Yes, we are lucky to have a great climate for fruit.

@Willo: Blush! :)

@Daphne: It is the first year that I've grown it successfully. I'm very happy.

@Donna and Athena: Thank you for stopping by!

@MollyMakesDo: Actually, it is a half acre. Our old place was a 10th of an acre and I was astonished how much I was able to squeeze in there in 6 years.

@Pam - Thank you for hosting!

@Sherry - Thank you. The birdhouse garden turned out pretty well. Now, I just need more birds! They spend all their time in the pollinator garden and apple tree.

@Jeanni - Lol! Love the pun.

@the Owl Nest: Thank you for visiting! It is funny how relaxing it can be when you are outdoors - even if you are working off a long list.

Kim said...

Your garden looks GREAT! Love the "little red coop" too!

Beth said...

Boy - what an incredible amount of work! That garden looks established and much older than one year!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I love your micro farm! It's very inspiring to see all that you have growing and it looks beautiful!

Homesteading Chic said...

Your gardens are beautiful! You really inspire me. :) Thanks!


Dmarie said...

just wonderful--well done!!

Kendra aka The Meanest Momma said...

You gardens are most impressive! It looks like a lovely property.

Jami said...

Wonderful tour- I can't believe you've only been there a year! wow- impressive.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Love the tour of your garden! The coop is so perfect!

Green Bean said...

Sage Butterfly - Thank you stopping by!


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