Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Country Road

Last month I traveled a country road and saw a few things I really really wanted.  A photograph was the next best thing.

As a California native and lover of old and embroidered, I really coveted this vintage California tapestry. Alas, it was $400 so I took a photo instead.  I love the grizzly bear up at the top and the sombrero at the bottom!

What a fun old pick up truck.  As energy inefficient as they come but ride in this and you really feel like a country girl.

Okay, maybe I'd like this to say something other than Grandma's but you just know her chicken's are well loved.

Happiest Wednesday.


noteasytobegreen said...

How fun! Can I ask which road? Kevin and I like to take drives on windy country roads, though we've cut back to save gas. Some of our favorite drives are near the coast, by San Gregorio, and through the redwoods. Every time I think I'm ready to leave overpriced, overcrowded California (or at least the suburban bits), I go on one of these drives and fall in love all over again.

Green Bean said...

I so agree. Trips down country roads remind me of what California once was everywhere and why i tis still such a special place. We love the trips down the coast and by San Gregoiro as well though, like you, don't make them often. This was up in the wine country - the road from Calistoga to Healdsburg. I have family up there.


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