Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Second to None

The garden is winding down.  Notice I said winding down - not done.  I'm still eeking a few squash from the mildewed plants and still harvest dozens - though not buckets - of tomatoes every day.  The apples are done and the Asian pear throws off a fruit or two a week.  We've moved from frantically preserving to thoroughly enjoying.

Still, as I spend less time in the garden, I cannot help but turn inward.  Not in a philosophical sense but in a decorative sense!  I hit the Alameda Antique Faire two weekends ago with one thing in mind - cozying up the family room.  I didn't find what I was looking for but I came home with a mostly full wallet, a crowded camera memory card and a few fun things for the munchkins - including a light up human body model.  Try finding that at your big box toy store!

I also saw lots of things I wanted or would never want but was happy that someone would want so that they didn't end up as landfill paddings.

 So sweet! 

These made me smile.

How cute would this be to store shoes in the entry way or blankets in the family room?

This is the most fun seat I've ever seen but I think it might clash with my decor!

Do you antique?  Visit local swap meets or antique fairs?  Do you love owning something with a past?



Renee Felice said...

Ha, is that a orange mushroom or a nuclear mushroom cloud seat!?

notherethenwhere said...

I spend probably more time than is actually healthy in thrift stores. My grad-student budget makes it somewhat necessary, but I also love buying used. I'm especially partial to things with history - old oil paintings, cast iron pans, canning jars, wicker baskets, wool blankets, wooden crates - you name it, I've probably bought it. It keeps me and my wallet happy.

noteasytobegreen said...

I do enjoy antiquing and thrifting (I prefer antiquing; my budget prefers thrifting). I've cut way down in recent years because I have just about everything I need, but it's still so much fun to look. Most of the furniture in my current place is not mine, so when I move, I'll definitely be buying used. Older furniture is not only greener, but it's also genuinely better built and prettier.

Green Bean said...

@Renee - Is it the funniest thing you've ever seen!! Love it!

@notherethenwhere - I totally agree. Second hand items are usually much more unique and interesting as well.

@noteasytobegreen - Antiquing is so fun - though thrifting can turn up some amazing finds. We moved and are having to get new furniture for the space. Almost everything we've gotten has been thrifted, Craisglisted or antiqued. :)

Condo Blues said...

I enjoy trifting and visiting my local mid century furniture consignment stores. I mostly shop for inspiration than doo dads. Having a small house is sometimes a blessing - it would be overcrowded quickly with cool and funky finds!

Green Bean said...

@Lisa - I agree! Second hand can be too addicting and before you know it, you are out of room! :)


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