Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who You Calling Garbage?

I remember a day when old tires and bottle caps were trash.  Those days are long gone as repurposing has hit the mainstream.  Check out these fun repurpose ideas:

Tire Flower Pots:

Bottle Cap Table (laid in concrete):

Clothespin Memo Board on Old Metal Washboard: 

Teapot and Teaspoon Robot Clock:

What a fun way to reduce one's footprint in style!


Rosa said...

I have those flowerpots! Though I cut them myself with an exacto knife, so the petals are pointy instead of round. They're kind of physically hard to do but not hard in terms of skill. Whitewalls add a nice little touch to the tips of the petals :)

Dream look said...

I am looking for new techniques and gadgets to make my life easier. Every week I am going to try out a “As Seen On TV” product to see if they work.
Thanks for sharing with us.

SherryGreens said...

My fave is the robot clock, hands down. I used to go looking and browsing like that, at old things, different things. I should do more of that...

Green Bean said...

@Rosa - You made one of those!! I'm so impressed.

@SherryGreens - I know. I was seriously tempted by that robot clock. I love seeing old things turned into something new.


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