Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Signs You are a Garden Warrior

1) You are not afraid to get your hands dirty.  In fact, clean nails, uncracked skin and a long-lasting manicure are sure signs that you are not a garden warrior.

2) You know how to wield a pickax and aren't (too) afraid to do it.

3) You have quads of steel and you got them the old fashioned way.  No weights.  No machines.  No gym memberships.  Just squats with a purpose - weeding, planting, harvesting.

4) You have killed to protect your garden.  Snails, rats, gophers, hornworms.  You may feel bad that you did it but you'd do it again.

5) You are not above hiring out the dirty work.  The cat who kills rats.  The bat who eats mosquitos.  The ladybug who devours aphids.  You invite these killers for hire into your yard with food, a bat house tucked behind the play house, cover crop in the winter.

6) You are willing to "thin" your seedlings - even though you coddled and loved each seed once upon a time.

7) You pull out still producing plants when the season dictates - even if you wish you didn't have to.

8) You can tell the difference between collards, mustard greens and swiss chard at 50 paces.

9) To you, going native does not mean what most people think.  It has nothing to do with getting naked - though, truth be told, you've gardened in varies states of dress and undress.

10) Like all warriors, you have a code of conduct.  A place you'll never go is the use of pesticides.  Okay, maybe a little bit of organic sluggo but by using pesticides, among other things, there just is no challenge.

Are you a garden warrior?

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dixiebelle said...

Don't like doing no. 6, but did no. 7 yesterday and today! No. 1 for sure... but not no. 2, though I have asked for husband for a mini chainsaw, he thinks I will bonsai everything, including my own hands!

Tanya @ Lovely Greens said...

I think I'm about 70% warrior...the hubby wields the pickaxe, I don't pull producing plants out until I'M finished with them and I've never been indecent out the the patch. I suppose that I should add that though the skin on my hands is tough, it's still smooth thanks to gloves, rose-hip powder exfoliation and some handmade cream :)

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Thinning the seedlings always makes me sad, but I'm happy to pull out still producing plants since by then I'm sick of cucumbers and tomatoes and ready for something new.

Chile said...

Yeah, we're there, baby! Well, the dying melon vine hasn't been pulled out because we're hoping (in vain, I think) that the half dozen little melons on it will still ripen. Not gonna happen but we can fantasize.

Have you seen the movie, "Off the Map"? The mother (Joan Allen) gardens naked in it.

Bee Girl said...

#2 is on this list of Things To Learn and #3 is a work in progress, so I guess I'm at about 85% ;-)

farmgal said...

I'm a garden Warrior, I don't use a pick ax often but its happened a time or two and yes for the rest..

Great list!

Elizabeth said...

Why would I want to pull out still producing plants??

Audrey said...

Absolutely! #1 is my favorite thing...I find it so relaxing! And I had to pull out my remaining tomato plants this weekend to plant some fall items. I put all of the remaining tomatoes in a box lined with newspaper and they still ripen. I live by #10 but I do not enjoy hand picking cabbage loopers.

Green Bean said...

@dixiebelle - I too was afraid to do the pickaxe, thinking I'd bash my head in. Turns out I felt very tough and got quite a shoulder work out. Chainsaw though? TOO scared!

@Tanya - You good girl! I should take better care of my hands.

@Erin - Ha! I hear you. I've left some of my tomatoes in longer than normal this year - even though I really am sick of them. Still I think of winter looming ahead and figure I'll be happy for a few more now.

@Chile - Oh my! Will have to check out that movie. I've never been naked in the garden but certainly have gardened in my pjs.

@BeeGirl - #3 is a work in progress for me too but I like to think that they are coming along.

@FarmGirl - Woohoo!! Warrior girl!

@Elizabeth - To make room in the beds for next season's plants. I've pulled out favas and peas in the spring to get the tomatoes and squash in on time and then pulled those self-same tomatoes and squash out to get the favas and peas in. :)

@Audrey - Its not a good day unless my hands have some dirt under the fingernails.

Robj98168 said...

Nice to know I must be a warrior... as I pick at my cracked hands, try (defeatedly) to scrape the dirt out of my nails.


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