Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Garden Walk

I haven't posted in a while due, in large part, to holiday craziness.  Today, though, I was forced to clean out the chicken coop.  I mean the girls really put down their clawed feet!  My time in the winter garden outside calmed, restored and rejuvenated.  Take a walk with  me and, for a moment, forget wrapping, baking, shopping and holiday'ing in general.

Satsuma Mandarin Tree

Navel Orange Tree

Native Grape on the Chicken Coop

Gravenstein Apple Tree

Bok Choy

Happy winter!

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Annie said...

I would love to be able to grow some citrus here and a Mandarin Orange would be fantastic!

Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday!


Green Bean said...

Thank you for dropping by, Annie. I have to say that being able to grow citrus does offset some of the problems that CA has - like the price of land! Makes it all worth it. ;-)

Happy New Year.


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