Friday, February 24, 2012

Under Your Feet

The mixed cover crop in my garden in late February.

It is that time of year again.  Whether it is three feet deep in snow or bustling with cover crop and fava beans, your garden is calling you.  Seed packets have arrived or are en route.  The sun is slanting, peeking out more from behind the crowds and the soil is waking up.

But that is just the thing, if you want to have a truly successful vegetable garden, the soil is the place to start.  You need to get, in a word, grounded.

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I'm over at The Green Phone Booth today sharing my experience with improving soil for a successful edible garden.

Friday, February 10, 2012

When February Isn't Quite Winter

We've had a warm winter in the San Francisco Bay Area - not unlike much of the rest of the country.  With little rain and abundant sunshine, I'm not sure what to do with the garden.  Dare I pull out the tomato seeds?  Should I even bother throwing down some winter green seeds for a spring crop or will they go to seed as soon as they grow?

I've been preparing beds and pulling weeds and basically soaking up the sunshine.  I've even let the hens out for a stroll as there isn't much damage they can do to the garden in its current state.

After weeks of deliberating what to do with the greenhouse - thank you for all the advice! - I've made some progress.  We put in a gravel base and irrigation.  I dragged empty pots from all over our lot and collected seed starting supplies through a "wanted" post on Freecycle.  Right now, I have lettuce, leeks, collards and chamomile sprouting in there.  

Last month, throwing caution - or at least seeds - to the wind, I tucked in radish and carrot seeds.  The radishes have sprouted but I suppose, despite all the sun, it isn't warm enough for them to do much else yet.  That said the bok choy and greens have bolted and borage is going strong.

Comfrey is doing the green mulch thing under the apple tree and behind it, fava beans coat what will be next summer's pumpkin patch.

Just poking my head through the flowers to check in and see what the rest of the world is planting right now.  I'm linking to Homestead Barn Hop, Friday Photo Blog Hop, and FarmGirl Friday.


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