Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Strawberry King

"Mom!"  My nine year old, poking his head out of our host's kitchen, whispered urgently.  I hurried in, unsure of what I would find.  His hand was clenched in front of him but his eyes flickered past me,  hovering around our host.

Assured that she was not looking, he opened up his hand to reveal a half eaten strawberry.  I now recalled our friend offering my fruit lover some fresh berries.

"Do you want more?" I ask, confused.

He shook his head and shoved the nibbled berry toward my face.  "It's not ... right."  His voice wavered.

"What do you mean?"  I picked up the berry and then I knew.  I knew the horrible truth.  I had spoiled my son.  Spoiled him rotten.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Into Summer

With tomorrow's temperatures expected to be in the 90s, spring is but a memory now.  It's ready blossoms are now spent and fill the compost bin to be turned into next year's blooms.  Standing on the cusp of May, it seems a good time to look back at spring.

We said good-bye to the fava beans in style - sautéed with a little bit of olive oil, leeks, garlic and kale!

After a two year absence, chamomile reappeared throughout the garden.  It is a welcome visitor.  And, can I just say that seeds are awesome!! Lying dormant for two years and for some reason, this is the year to return?

Phacelia and Chinese Houses.

Goldfields (these flowers are the size of a dime!)

I continued to rejoice in the cover crop we sowed of California wildflowers.  I'm not the only one feeling happy!

Happy end of Spring!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Big Fat Pollinator Garden

March in California was sandwiched by rainstorms. Not enough to quench California's overwhelming thirst but enough to bring my garden to life.

Last fall, I skipped planting fava beans in their traditional patch.  Instead, I stuffed the bare soil with California native seeds.  All winter, I tugged out oxalises but let the cheeseweed grow.  Hey, its a butterfly larvae plant!

One sunny day, armed with a camera and a telephoto lens ...


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