Monday, May 26, 2014

Spot the Pollinator #2

Welcome to my new weekly segment - Spot the Pollinator - where photogs young and old can share their insect photos.  Please link your photos below.

Photography is a great way to connect with nature and it is even more fun to share those photos.  My 11 year old started a blog this weekend of his nature photography so his new blog is linked below.

Okay boys and girls, spot the pollinator.  Or in this case, which one is NOT a pollinator. 

Answer: The dragonfly.  While a wonderfully beneficial insect which eats mosquitos and such, a dragonfly is NOT a pollinator.

This post is part of the Tuesday Garden Party and Green Thumb Thursday.


Rachel @ Grow a Good Life said...

When I started gardening, I was a bit obsessed over the insects in the garden. I would take pictures and identify them using the internet. I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing at Green Thumb Thursday!

Green Bean said...

Thanks, Rachel. That is where I am now! I love to really look at the bugs. So interesting.

Clark Smith said...

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