Monday, May 19, 2014

Spot the Pollinator

First step into the garden, and you do not hear the buzz.  You don't see the wings.  Or understand the work being down.  

But slow down. Come to a complete stop and look around you.  Pollinators are everywhere in every shape and size.  Without them there are no flowers, no beauty.  There are no fruits, few vegetables, a diet of unrelenting blandness. 

Savor the small creatures who pollinator your garden. Welcome them with blooms for much of the year. Leave bare soil for solitary ground nesting natives. Eschew pesticides for good. 

Because nothing is as good as pollinators - and everything they bring to the world.  

Can you spot the pollinator?

 Two for the price of one!

I believe this is a native fly of some sort.  Pollinator nonetheless.

Pollinators prefer California poppies over almost everything else in the garden.

What did I tell you?

Beautiful butterfly - West Coast Lady? - with a shredded wing on Phacelia, a California native annual.

Want more pollinator porn?  Check out my post, My Big Fat Pollinator Garden.  This post is part of the Tuesday Garden Party, Homestead Barn Hop, and Green Thumb Thursday.


Betsy Escandon said...


Connie said...

It's true, you do need to stop and listen- and there they are! Beautiful pictures! But that's the point of the garden, to just stop and take it all in.

Green Bean said...

@Betsy - Thank you!

@Connie - So true. There is a bench along a rural walk near where my parents lived. It is in memory to a long time, elderly resident who passed a few years back. The inscription is "come, sit and listen to nature's songs." We all need to do that sometime.


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