Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spot the Pollinator #4

Welcome to the 4th week of Spot the Pollinator, a linkup where you can share your pollinator - and other insect - photos.  Taking photos of bugs is a great way to get outside, slow down, appreciate the base of the food chain, and develop some photog skilz.  Plus, its fun for kids and adults!

Please link up your blog below or share your photos with the hashtag #spotthepollinator.  Check out the blogs linked below. Let's spread some buggy love!

Birds aren't the only ones who use bird baths.  Bird baths are ideal for pollinators given the gently sloped sides.  Pollinators of all sorts regularly visit all of my bird baths.

Are damselflies pollinators?  Nope! They are hugely beneficial insects but they do not pollinate.

Honey bee on a blanket flower - these flowers remind me of a sunrise. 

Not as flashy as a butterfly, this moth is still an excellent pollinator.

Grab the button if you are so inclined!

This post is part of the Homestead Barn Hop.


Lani Christensen said...

Love the one with the bee kissing the flower. Tried to grab your button but couldn't figure it out.

Green Bean said...

Sorry about that, Lani. I'll see if I can fix it for next week. Thank you for participating!! My son is always so excited to see your daughter's photos.


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