Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spot the Pollinator #5

It's Pollinator Week, people!! Woohoo.  What better way to share your love of these hard working bugs than to link up and share your photos.  If you are on social media, use the hashtag #SpotThePollinator.

This week, my garden has been heavy on the butterflies.  Personally, though, I find butterflies to be the most difficult pollinators to photograph.  They are just too quick!

Cabbage White Butterfly on Summer Squash

Common Buckeye on Scabiosa

Painted Lady butterfly, I think, though it is hard to tell with the tattered wings.

And, while not a butterfly there are three busy pollinators on these blanket flowers. Can you spot them all?

This post is part of the Homestead Barn Hop and Maple Hill Hop.

Please link up and share your pollinator love.  Feel free to grab the button for this weekly post:

Spot The Pollinator


daisy g said...

I couldn't agree more. Those butterflies are a lot more difficult to capture than the caterpillars! Love this link-up. Thanks for sharing this on The Maple Hill Hop!

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