Monday, August 4, 2014

Stop, Look and Spot the Pollinator

Late on a Sunday evening, after spending much of the week working on various garden projects, I sat down on my garden bench.  As much as I always advocate slowing down and really appreciating nature, most of the time, those are mere moments for me.  A dirty hand wiping sweat off my neck as I squint at a bird darting toward its favorite flower or a butterfly floating above the garden.

Today, though I sat in front of a flowering mint to watch some busy bees when I spotted a small flash of copper.  It dropped for a moment to one of the white flowers and I realized it was the smallest butterfly I have ever noticed.  Noticed.  Not seen.

I cannot identify this butterfly but it is easily under 1" in wingspan. Probably closer to 1/2".  
If you know what it is, please let me know!

We spend so much of our lives rushing from place to place that we rarely truly notice the small wonders that Mother Nature offers.  My goal in starting the Spot the Pollinator series was to encourage myself and others to slow down and look.  To motivate kids to let go of their screens and get outside to look for bugs.  

Another view of the itty bitty butterfly.

Have you stopped?  Have you looked?  No really looked?  If you have, chances are you have seen something magical!  If you happened to get a photo of that magic, please link it up here.  Or share it on social media with the #SpotThePollinator hashtag.

Grab the button if you are so inclined:
Spot The Pollinator


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